Biała Dama

She was one of those women of whom men always spoke with excitement. She possessed a rare combination of distinction, style and subtle beauty. For her talents and unspeakable charm, Julia Potocka, nee Lubomirska, was admired by the aristocratic elite of Warsaw;  she was known as Giulietta la Bella – Beautiful Julia.

In history of the castle in Łańcut, she is remembered as the White Lady, because white was one of her favorite colors.  Supposedly, today, those gifted with a little imagination can still meet her in the Chinese apartment.

Biała Dama (White Lady) is a vodka named after the legendary duchess. Exceptionally subtle and delicate in taste, it is made of grain spirit of the highest quality. Its exquisite qualities are the effect of repeated distillation, using one of the most technologically advanced production lines in the country.

Quality and taste

Biała Dama is a modern grain vodka brand of excellent quality. Delicate and mild in taste, thanks to a carefully selected recipe and the unique distillation method using diamond filters. It is made of spirit distilled from the best wheat varieties.


Biała Dama, a premium vodka inspired by the story of a woman, whose elegance and non-conformism earned her respect among the aristocratic elite of her times. The character of the White Lady is expressed by the stylish shape of the bottle and the sophisticated label, which underlines the highest quality of this vodka in a perfect manner.


Crystal clear and delicate, Biała Dama will make a wonderful addition to such exceptional moments as a wedding feast.



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