New design of Krupnik vodka

14 April 2020

Krupnik is one of the most famous vodka and liqueur brands in Poland. It has an established, strong market position and is appreciated by retailers and consumers. Being a brand with traditions, it wants to go with the times, current trends and changing consumer needs.
Therefore, from April on the store shelves you will be able to see Krupnik in a new package. It is the first element of brand rebranding. All its elements have changed: bottle, label and cap. However, the individual character of each of the product lines has been preserved: pure vodka, flavored liqueurs and milk liqueurs.
We have confirmed in our research that Krupnik in the new version is eye-catching and stands out from the competition. New consumers like the contemporary, distinctive design. Those present appreciate the greater role of the bear – the symbol of the brand from its very beginning.
The introduction of Krupnik in the new layout will be accompanied by activities at the points of sale and a strong campaign in social media based on the new marketing strategy of the brand.

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