Polmos Łańcut

The beginnings of the distillery’s operations date back to 1764. At the time, it produced vodka, liqueurs, and creams. The most famous products of the distillery in Łańcut are the Rosolis liqueurs. Currently, in Poland, only Premium Distillers has the right to produce Rosolis liqueurs. The rosolis recipes are the company’s secret. Additionally, the labels are based on the 19th century originals, which can be seen at the Vodka Museum on the factory grounds in Łańcut.

In 2020, Premium Distillers, belonging to the United Beverages S.A. Group, became the new owner of the distillery in Łańcut. Today, the distillery in Łańcut is responsible for producing and delivering the highest quality distillate necessary to produce the best vodkas in Poland.


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