Why Premium Distillers?

Because at Premium Distillers we all strive to achieve the same goal! We want our Employees to be proud of belonging to our Team. Every day, we look into the future, but we also learn, drawing conclusions from the past. We appreciate the experience of our long-term employees and we benefit from it, but the perspective and approach of those, who are just joining our Team, is viewed by us as just as valuable. We support sharing of knowledge in the organization, we opt for open communication, we listen to the ideas and suggestions of our Employees. We constantly strive to improve our working environment and the tools that we use. We believe that responsibility of every employee of Premium Distillers for shaping of our work environment makes it more friendly and better adapted to the people, who work with us. At our company, you have a say on how you work!

Our employees get a partial refund on a sports card and can join a private medical care programme on preferential terms. Moreover, Premium Distillers offers group life insurance for its employees.

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