The fame of Sobieski vodka comes from the legendary king who won the battle of Vienna – JAN SOBIESKI  III. He ruled in the 17th century and was the last monarch to rule in Poland. His spirit and ultimate will to win made him a symbol in the history of Poland. Sobieski’s victory in the battle of Vienna in 1683 against the Ottoman empire was later recognized as one of the most decisive battles in the history of Europe.

For centuries, King Sobieski has been remembered as the essence of strength – his lion’s heart, courage, indomitableness and will to win are all values which have inspired the production of Sobieski vodka. Made of cereals of the best quality and crystal-clear water from Oligocene wells, it is distinguished by its complex and rich taste, and five stages of distillation make it one of the purest and smoothest vodkas in the world.


Sobieski Vodka


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