Rosolis vodkas and liqueurs were known in Europe as early as the 14th century with origins in Italy. The name derived from the Latin term “ros solis”, meaning solar dew. These liqueurs were not only considered to be delicacies but were used as medicine also. The Rosolis recipe came to Poland in the 17th century. The former Privileged Factory of Liqueurs, Rosolis and Rum Alfred Potocki (today’s Łańcut Distillery, belonging to Premium Distillers), became famous for the production of these excellent spirits. Only factories owned by Premium Distillers have the right to manufacture Rosolis spirits. Łańcut belonging to the company.

Made using original recipes, bottled manually and produced in small batches to retain the best qualities, Rosolis spirits are considered to be craft. Their unique taste comes from the noble wheat, growing in the Subcarpathia region of Poland. Every bottle is signed by the distillation master and marked with a unique number, which can be seen on the label. It contains nothing but what the best vodka should have. It is made of natural ingredients, with no addition of gluten, GMO, preserves, sugar, artificial flavors or fats.


Rosolis Rose

Rosolis Herbal Bitter

Rosolis Coffee


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