Krupnik Mango

Alcohol Content: 16%
Available Liquid Volume: 0.5l
Mango-flavored milk liqueur is a unique combination of excellent quality milk with delicate touches of ripe mango. Its color and taste bring into a summer mood, and the distinct notes of juicy mango, take you to tropical corners, where you would definitely like to relax.

The softness and creamy texture of the milk liqueur harmonize with the exotic taste of mango, giving it a velvety texture that gently melts in the mouth leaving a pleasant impression on the palate.

Mango-flavored Krupnik milk liqueur is perfect as a stand-alone drink, served over ice, but also makes a great base for creative cocktails. It can be combined with vanilla ice cream to accentuate the sweetness of the mango, or with a little lemon juice to add freshness and lightness.



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